Buying Used Book over the Internet

Sexy Used BooksI love used books. There I’ve said it, I feel better now. I’ve got my dirty little secret out in the open. I love the feel of a worn book, I love the musty smell that only years can provide, I even love the worn look that books get after a while the dog eared pages, maybe even some water damage from that time you try to read it in the bath.
But sadly my supplier has moved on. Five years ago there were three use book stores in my local area, now there are none. Blame it on what you will, be it the massive corporations muscling in, the Internet making everything everywhere accessible to everyone, or even just the major supermarkets muscling amount, no one event has led to this sad occurrence, but occurred it has so we must put at chins up up and move on with the times.
There are many places to get used books online including the big two Amazon and eBay, and this is where I get most of my use books from. There are also always plenty listed on craigslist or gumtree, but I find more often than not these are somehow scams or deflate our lives, so I like to buy from businesses that I know I can trust. I’ve bought books from eBay many times and never had any trouble with any of the sellers there. At same time I have bought plenty of books from Amazon and have nothing but nice things to say about them as well.
I guess this means my advice is simple, buy from websites or brands that you know you can trust.
Oh, and if you are selling books, be sure to price them first, you might have a hidden valuable gem on your hands.

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