Are college textbook prices a rip off?

Why do College textbooks cost so much money?

Coming from high school where textbooks are free really into the college life where textbooks are very expensive can be a big shock to many people. Many new university and college students are astounded to find out that their textbooks can run them up well over $1000 per year.

Part of this is because writing a textbook attracts a much smaller potential audience than writing a high school text which will be syndicated out hundreds and thousands of times to students all over the country and all over the world. College textbooks are only so to college students were studying that particular subject.

This is not to say that college textbook prices aren’t exorbitant in the least. Particularly the practice of updating their book every year with minor updates so that next year students can’t buy used textbooks from this year students. What makes things worse and compounds this problem is the fact that your textbook on which you may have just spent 50 or $150 on is now effectively worthless.

Authors should be paid for their work, writing a book takes a massive amount of time and effort and authors should be rewarded accordingly. But adding minor updates to your book to Kilda used book market is a practice that needs to go.

Purposely devaluing your book once even twice a year is a horrible business practice. Yes I make you more money in the long run, but how many bridges are you burning along the way.

Renting textbooks is becoming a new fad to students to save money with. Renting textbooks and using online tools to compare book prices from various retailers is not only economically sensible, but it is a way that the problem publishers to be told that there are horrible cannibalistic practices are no longer acceptable.


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